Analytic center of “Proton-21”

“Proton-21” Electrodynamics Laboratory (PEL) provides comprehensive Analytical Services and Consulting in the field of Applications of Local and Integral Precision and Highly Sensitive Techniques of Elemental and Isotopic Composition Analysis throughout Ukraine and abroad. We characterize all kind of Surfaces and Bulks of Conductive and Nonconducting Solid Body Samples and counsel in all questions related to analytical problems. Our services can successfully be used in Technology and Product Development, Quality Control and Failure Analysis. PEL will provide the highest quality testing, consulting and expert witness services available.

Please contact our experienced Client Services Staff with any questions you might have. It is our intent to provide meaningful, practical and scientifically driven information and results to our customers. We hope this will allow our clients to make informed decisions to deal with their daily challenges as effectively as possible.

Our employees are well familiar with the specific needs of various industrial companies, academy and applied-research institutes. More than 25 years of our analysts experience in surface and bulk analysis of various materials guarantee high quality services. We always focus on the problems of our customers, pose and accordingly suggest suited analytical techniques for them.

Our customers include not only large industrial companies both in Ukraine and abroad, but also small and medium sized companies. We provide solutions for materials structure and composition analytical problems from various industrial areas. Additionally we serve universities and research institutions.

Our Laboratory equipped with modern and sound analytical instruments: Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer Finnigan ELEMENT GD (Thermo Electron Corporation, Germany), Field Emission Auger Microprobe JAMP 9500F (JEOL, Japan), Secondary Ion Mass-Spectrometer IMS 3f (CAMECA, France) and X-ray Microprobe REMMA 102 (SELMI, Ukraine). A close cooperation with the instrument manufacturers keeps our instruments in the state-of-the-art. We also offer further analytical techniques in co-operation with carefully selected partner laboratories. We keep costs as low as possible by avoiding unnecessary analyses or data evaluations. In particular, we always will say "no" if we feel that we cannot help you.

Main Analytical Services

research target setting
selection of suitable analytical technique(s)
discussion and choice of adequate sample preparation procedure
data acquisition and measurements
data evaluation and problem oriented reporting


application of analytical techniques in development, production, quality control and failure analysis
data evaluation and expert opinion on analytical results
demonstration of analytical abilities of available techniques interested by Customer

Joint Projects

conception and realization of scientific projects either co-funded by our Customers or with public funding