Investigated Materials, Handled Problems and Application Fields

We use surface and bulk analytical techniques to help our customers in solving problems concerning a wide range of their products. Our analytical techniques can be used to study a wide range of various materials such as metals, alloys, semiconductors, composites, ceramics, glasses, polymers, powders, fibres, nanomaterials, aerosols, films, coatings, weld joints, solders etc.

PEL solves analytical problems in manifold application fields: materials structure and their mechanical properties, fracture mechanisms, diffusion, adhesion, wettability, wear resistance under cutting and friction, corrosion resistance, catalysis, monitoring of surface modifications and so on. Our customers come from various industries: metallurgy, high purity metal and alloy manufacturers, microelectronics, aerospace, aircraft construction, car production, car supplies, ctalysis, coatings, glass, jewellery, motors, pharmaceuticals, polymers, semiconductors and university research.

Our services can be used in: research and development, quality control, control of incoming products, control of ongoing production, control of outgoing products, reverse engineering, general failure analysis.