Scientific-research Electrodynamics Laboratory (EDL) was established in 1999 by a group of private investors within a scope of a venture project on creation a safe and effective technology for radioactive waste utilization. The project was based on an innovative and original conception on initiating an extreme conditions for nucleosynthesis process ignition in a super-dense cold substance.

A three-year period of intensive and productive studies enabled highly skilled scientific personnel to create a unique installation and breakthrough experimental technology that have no analogues in the world. The experimental setup guarantees an achievement of the record-breaking energy density in a substance enough for fusion ignition. Performance of the developed process appeared to be equal to k > 1014 -1015 (synthesized nuclei per joule of initial driver).

The scientific approach was based on the original conception of a special kind of electromagnetic impact on a solid substance that can induce, under certain conditions, the self-energizing avalanche process of nuclear supercompression up to the collapse state (at which the conditions for collective multipartical trasmutation reactions are achieved).

“Proton-21” intellectual property protection

PATENT OF UKRAINE No. 71084 granted     15.11.2004
Priority date: 14.08.2002


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