Primary Focus of EDL's Research:

The primary focus of EDL's research is based on a newly developed and self sustainable process which leads, through a controlled stimulation, to the collapse of condensed matter. In this collapsed state thus created, the effect of the Coulomb barrier becomes insignificant, and a rapid transmutation of elements and isotopes occurs and can be observed.

Main Research Results:

The first successful experiment was performed on February 24, 2000 in a specially created and proprietary set up. In fact, the 5,000+ successful experiments in controlled nuclei-synthesis performed since 1999, using various targets made of light, medium, or heavy elements; have allowed the research team at EDL to comprehend and evaluate this unique scientific breakthrough.
The discovered process has been noted for its practical, environmentally friendly and extraordinary energy efficient attributes.

Two major outcomes have emerged from this process:

Second, the creation of an array of unique nuclei-synthesis elements. These new elements were tested by leading scientific laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, USA, etc, and their artificial origin was confirmed.

The obtained results confirm the following:

The technological process created and validated by EDL is a unique and a pioneer experimental technology. It achieves record-breaking conditions for multiparticle nuclear fusion-fission reactions in condensed matter.
The laboratory installation developed by EDL has achieved high reproducibility results in reaching appropriate conditions in a compressed format necessary for the ignition of the collective multiparticle fusion-fission reactions.
The new elements resulting from the nuclceosynthesis created by the EDL process are free of α-, β-, γ-, -active isotopes. The radiation intensity of the products never exceeds the background intensity.
Elements marked with radioactive isotopes had their activity reduced due to full nuclear rebirth of a portion of the target element after the high energy impact.
The presence of long living isotopes in super heavy elements, on the border and beyond the Periodic Table, was revealed by the nuclear transmutation. These were synthesized in quantities many times exceeding those principally gained by classic methods at much reduced energy costs.


EDL's immediate objective is to finalize the pilot project of a new industrial prototype hundred times exceeding the performance of the existing laboratory setup.
EDL intends to continue and expand its research work in new fields of nuclear physics: including a) laboratory astrophysics, b) physics of collective synergetic interactions of previously unknown mechanisms, and c) energy creation and transformation processes.
EDL intends to develop a series of unique, radiation safe, and environmentally appropriate, industrial technologies to be used in commercial applications.