Management and Shareholders of EDL wish to expand the activity of the company in the various fields mentioned above, namely scientific research and commercial applications. We plan to transform EDL into the leading R&D company in Ukraine. However, due to the strategic and sensitive nature of EDL's research work, we are looking to expand the scope of work internationally through alliances and partnership with leading companies in the US, and Western Europe. EDL is ideally placed to become the alternative platform for research and development, given the abundance of relatively cheap but highly skilled technical and scientific labor, and the unique historical experience of Ukraine with nuclear disasters namely Chernobyl. Following are some of EDL's corporate objectives:

Scientific Validation: Management wishes to improve and streamline the validation process of their findings by the appropriate international scientific circles.
Public Image and Relation:The Company wishes to improve its international profile and recognition.
Research Funding: EDL wishes to tap into research funding available from national and other specialized sources.
Partnership: The Company wishes to contact leading multinational players in the sector with view of partnering or other modes of cooperation.


Developed method and device for it's realization are in patenting stage and the Laboratory is looking for financial and strategic investors for commercialization of the obtained results and market entry in the field of effective, radiation safe and environmentally appropriate industrial technologies for:

cost-effective synthesis of stable superheavy elements from predicted "island of stability"
in sufficient quantities for chemistry analysis, and high-tech applications;
decontamination of concentrated radioactive waste via deep nuclear transmutation;
synthesis of rare isotopes;
production of the impulse point light and x-ray sources for medical and technological applications;

Continuing our own investigations we are ready to propose our professional services, existing and developing experimental equipment and novel technologies for institutes and laboratories involved in fundamental scientific research in the field of:

nuclear matter properties in extremal state;
laboratory modelling of the astrophysical processes;
studies of super-heavy elements properties.