Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer Finnigan ELEMENT GD

The Finnigan ELEMENT GD, a combination of a glow discharge ion source with a high resolution mass spectrometer, is the ultimate tool for the direct analysis of conductive materials. Almost all elements present in a solid sample, including carbon, oxygen and nitrogen can be detected and routinely quantified. Many elements can be analyzed down to the ppt (parts per trillion) range. The Finnigan ELEMENT GD is tailored to serve high purity metal and alloy manufacturers as well as their customers in industries such as:

Microelectronics - Semiconductors, Copper, Aluminum, Sputter Targets,
Aerospace - Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Alloys
Medical/Pharmaceutical/Food - Stainless Steel, Alloys
Nuclear - Uranium, Nuclear Fuel

Main Finnigan ELEMENT GDs features include:

Dynamic Range linear with automatic cross-calibration from 0.2 cps to
>10^12 cps (from matrix elements (100%) to ultra-traces (ppt));
Sensitivity (peak height, total ion current) - > 1*10^10 cps, 1.6*10^-9 A;
Dark Noise - < 0.2 cps;
Mass Resolution - > 10 000;
Mass Stability 25 ppm/8 hours

Types of researches, which we provide:

Precision quantitative multi-element analysis across the Periodic table;
Isotopic analysis;
Depth profiling.

Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer
(Thermo Electron Corporation, Germany)