X-ray Microprobe REMMA 102 (SELMI, Ukraine)


Scanning electron microscope:

Accelerating voltage up to 35 kV;
SEI mode resolution 5 nm;
Magnification from 10 to 250 000;

Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer:

Analyzed element range from Na;
Energy resolution - 143 eV at MnKα
Energy range up to 30 kV;
Detection limit for Cu about 0.01 %;

Wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer (2 pieces):

Analyzed element range from B;
Crystals LiF, PET,RAP, PbSt, MIR-030, MIR-040, MIR-060 and MIR-090.

Types of researches, which we provide:

Sample surface imaging in SEI, COMPO and TOPO modes;
X-ray electron probe spot microanalysis.

X-ray Microprobe REMMA 102 (SELMI, Ukraine)