Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shape and the maximum size of samples?

We have the wide base of analytical tools. Suitable sample shape and size substantially depend on chosen analytical technique for study. So sample shape and size should be agreed with our staff in every particular case.

What types of samples can be analysed?

We can analyse almost all types of solid and powder samples.This holds for insulating materials as well. Samples for suprhigh vacuum tools must be stable under vacuum conditions.

How should the samples be packaged?

Samples must be packaged as cleanly as possible (no fingerprints etc.) in order to avoid contamination of the surfaces to be analysed. From our experience aluminium foil as used for household purposes is easy to use and effective. Clean containers made of glass are another suitable option. Plastic materials should be avoided due to the additives they contain.

Should I be present in person while the analysis is performed?

It is not necessary to be personally present. However, we are happy to have visitors, particularly if we work for you for the first time.

What is your response time?

Data acquisition is usually completed within 3 days after we received the samples. At this point we can inform you about the results by phone. A written report will be available a week later. For more complex analyses (involving several techniques, Auger-mapping and depth profile procedures etc.) we are happy to quote response times on a case by case basis. A 24hour rapid service is available for a surcharge.

What languages can be used for communication?

We write our reports either in English or in Russian. We also can communicate orally in both languages.